Still Report #873 – Don’t Take Our Freedom for Granted

from Bill Still

lass=”” >It’s so easy for Americans to take the freedom we enjoy in this big, beautiful country for granted – unless you’ve been in a place that is neither free or beautiful.
I don’t know the name of this soldier, but he’s stationed somewhere in Iraq. But on this peaceful, beautiful Sunday in May I just want this guy to know that we are thinking about him, and praying for him, and thanking him from the bottom of our hearts that he is willing to sacrifice being away from this nation, putting his entire life at risk for a year or two or maybe even three so that you and I can simply go outside and smell the wonderful smell of fresh cut grass.
The green, green grass of home is what this guy missed. So he asked his wife to send him some U.S. soil, some fertilizer and some grass seed so he too can feel American grass beneath his feet.
It’s caught on among his fellow Americans. When the men of his squadron have a mission that they are going on, they take turns walking through the grass and the American soil to bring them good luck and remind them what they are fighting for.
Look, he’s even cutting his grass with a pair of scissors.
Thank you sir, whoever you are. If would drop us a note in the comments section of this report, we’d love to know anything about you – especially your name and where your hometown is.
We are hoping you can do something to help stop this invasion.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.