Still Report #862 – Ted Cruz Files for 2018 Texas Senate Run

from Bill Still

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Well, the junior U.S. Senator from Alberta, Canada, Calgary Ted Cruz, is swerving onto the only off-ramp left for him, filing for a 2018 re-election bid as a Senator from Texas.
How can a natural-born Canadian file for a Senate run in Texas without providing any proof of U.S. citizenship? Well, that’s going to have to be for the Texans to figure out.
Incredibly, according to Morning Consult, Cruz still enjoys a 55% favorability rating in his current home state of Texas.
That’s surprising since Cruz has mostly been a no-show at his Senate work since elected in 2012. In his first two years, Cruz attended just 17 of 50 Armed Services Committee hearings – the second-worst record among the 26-member committee.
He has posted a similar record in his other 2 major committee assignments. Cruz missed 8 of the 12 Judiciary Committee hearings during the 113th Congress.
He also was absent for 22 of the 25 Commerce Committee hearing and has the third worst record overall for roll-call votes during the first 3 months of this year, behind Harry Reid and Marco Rubio.
He also has the 5th worst record over the course of his Senate career.
According to his communication director, Amanda Carpenter:
“In a short time, Sen. Cruz has become a leading voice in our debates about commerce, constitutional rights and national security….”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.