Still Report #859 – Facebook Trending Boss is Max Clinton Donor

from Bill Still

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Facebook has responded to reports in the online publication Gizmodo that its so-called “news curators” deliberately manipulate the “Trending Topics” news section to suppress news stories that are of interest to the conservative community.
Tom Stocky, Facebook’s vice president of product management – the man responsible for Trending Topics denied the accusations yesterday. Stocky, in a Facebook post yesterday wrote:
“My team is responsible for Trending Topics, and I want to address today’s reports alleging that Facebook contractors manipulated Trending Topics to suppress stories of interest to conservatives.”
“We take these reports extremely seriously, and have found no evidence that the anonymous allegations are true.”
However, late yesterday, the Washington Free Beacon discovered that Stock is a maximum Hillary Clinton donor. The Facebook manager made a maxed-out Clinton donation of $2,700 on Oct. 26, 2015.
We need a good alternative to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has just gone too far this time. His agenda is – whether he realizes it or not – the ultimate destruction of the United States. He needs a healing dose of good, old-fashioned American competition to straighten him out.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.