Still Report #857 – Rebuilding US Internal Security

from Bill Still

lass=”” >The invasion grows stronger and stronger in Europe, especially in Germany. More on this later today.
Probably the first priority for President Trump is to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. Many of these are not just Mexicans seeking a better life, but real-live enemy combatants.
That’s why building the wall is among the top priorities.
But as one group takes on this task, another group must simultaneously begin the difficult task of routing out the security threats that have been seeded deep within the U.S. security infrastructure.
As someone who has worked in a security-clearance environment for about half my adult life; there is nothing more important than to eradicate known terrorists from jobs providing access to classified material.
A decade ago this was literally unthinkable. Providing a security clearance to someone known to be operating to destroy the United States would have been a hanging offense.
President Trump has got to put an adult American in charge and clean out this entire rats’ nest of traitors, by reinstalling a group of clearable, experienced security specialists throughout the clearance system. That is among the few Priority #1 jobs.
“Traitors”? That’s a pretty strong word. I don’t use strong words rashly.
This is why I used that word.
This is Mohamed Elibiary. He is an open supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law. According to The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch
(…), he graduated from the Univ. of Medina, known to be a center for the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia.
In 2005 – yes, during George Bush’s watch – he was appointed as a National Security Policy Analyst to advise the FBI, DHS, NCTC, ODNI, etc. on various Counter-Terrorism issues.
Before that, Elibiary spent 7 years in the Banking IT world as a manager in network engineering around Dallas, Texas.
Elibiary was forced to resign 18 months ago, in September 2014, after Tweeting 3 months earlier:
““As I’ve said b4 inevitable that ‘Caliphate’ returns.”
Elibiary also said that he considers the U.S. to already be on “Islamic country.” Well, under Obama ….
He also used the controversial “R4BIA” icon to decorate his Twitter profile.
This controversial icon represents the “return of Muslims to the world stage,” “the end of capitalists” and “the end of Zionists”.
Notice it doesn’t mean simply the end of capitalism, but the end of capitalists. It doesn’t mean the end of Zionism, but the end of Zionists.
We cannot deal effectively with this problem until we realize that yes, the Muslim Brotherhood wants to kill us all.
And if the Egyptians are to be believed, President Obama – or whatever his real name is – is not only a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but one of its leaders.
There many more of these people now salted throughout positions of power in our federal government. They have got to go.
And one last thing. I really dislike the term Dept. of Homeland Security. Since its founding 15 years ago, that title has given me the creeps. It’s just waay to Nazi-esque for my tastes. All of its functions can easily go under the umbrella of the National Counterintelligence Center.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.