Still Report #834 – Cruz Bails on Indiana

from Bill Still

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Only hours after suckering Indiana Governor Mike Pence into endorsing him, Ted Cruz has given up on Indiana as a result of surging polls for Donald Trump and crashing Cruz polls as a result of the double-cross bargain he had with John Kasich.
According to the Associated Press:
“Ted Cruz has pulled his full campaign apparatus out of Indiana. Ted Cruz’s campaign manager is telling media officials that they are now going to focus all of their campaign efforts in the state of California.”
The news comes less than 24 hours after the latest polling showed Cruz 22 points behind Trump. Trump 49.3%, Cruz 27.1% and Kasich 16.3%.
Oh, one last thing. This video of one Friday night Ted Cruz rally. Only 500 people showed up.
And here is a shot of another Cruz rally. But here is what the lying media showed the general public – never mentioning there was almost no one there. Notice the guy to Cruz’s left with the red-white & blue shirt?
This young lady certainly wasn’t showing the junior Senator from Alberta, Canada much respect.
But kids seem to like the Donald.
And here’s what that night’s Trump rally looked like in Costa Mesa, California. You had to be able to take an airborne shot to get the full impact.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good evening.