Still Report #830 – Trump’s 1st Foreign Policy Speech

from Bill Still

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Donald Trump was invited by the Center for the National Interest to give his first foreign policy speech in Washington, D.C. last Wednesday.
Beth and I were invited to attend as members of the press, but we couldn’t justify taking a day out our work schedule to do it. And, in fact, that was the day I wrote and filmed SR-823 The NALC Analysis of Ted Cruz’s eligibility that essentially concluded that he is a man without a country. So we sacrificed to pursue a tactical goal in this war for the nomination.
We hope Mr. Trump will invite us again, however, especially now that it looks like the last critical battles of the nomination process are about to take place.
This was only Trump’s 2nd time using teleprompters – an absolute necessity when laying out precise foreign policy statements which the rest of the world will go over with a fine tooth comb, examining the nuances of every word in meticulous detail.
The speech is the best presidential speech I have heard in my lifetime. Anne Coulter called it the best speech since George Washington.
Having not had the benefit of reading more than a handful of presidential speeches pre-Eisenhower, I can’t say that, but I can say that this speech boldly charts an about-face in U.S. foreign policy in a number of important ways – something I’ve never seen before.
At the risk of seeming presumptuous, I have no criticisms of the speech, but I am qualified to highlight and applaud the importance of some of the magnificent points it makes. Most of my comments appear in the final 3-4 minutes of this 38 minute, 50 second speech.
[insert Trump and comment]
[13:38] I am deeply embarrassed that I have not done more on this topic. My only excuse is my revulsion at the horror that is being perpetrated by ISIS, and the knowledge that trying to push on this issue at this point will have absolutely zero positive effect on our Muslim in chief. No, we just have to wait for the relief of Donald Trump’s inauguration to go stop this.
[30:30] Unfortunately, Mr. Trump, as you know, there is but one explanation – and that Obama/Clinton are part of the forces of darkness who conspire to destroy not only the United States but the hope of all humankind’s 2500-year-long struggle for freedom – worldwide freedom.
These people know exactly what they are doing – and they have been very, very effective in the last 7 years at accomplishing their goals.
[35:27] I really cannot believe that I have lived long enough for an American presidential candidate to say this. Globalism is – by definition – a direct attack on national sovereignty. The two concepts cannot exist is the same space – or even on the same planet. The independent nation state is the bulwark of world freedom. For example, what if independent nation states could not have arisen to defeat Nazi totalitarianism? The people of France and Britain would now be speaking German. I have pushed this argument on thousands of radio shows around the world since 1990, and now finally, a powerful relief brigade comes charging in to help.
[35:33] Exactly! And why? Because it spreads power out. It deconsolidates power naturally along geographical and ethnic and cultural lines that are centuries old.
It is the exact opposite of the power-consolidation process currently destroying Europe by the European Union process. You will never see protests in the streets by the average person urging governments to consolidate more and more power – only to return some to we, the people.
[35:58] Yes, it’s true; Trump is the antithesis of a century-long new-world-order over-consolidation-of-power scheme. He is truly the anti-Big Brother – not the ultimate Big Brother as Calgary Ted Cruzifer claims.
Trump is everything we’ve hoped for – since I started on this quest to expose this Big Brother-like plan to totally enslave humankind – to put an end to the soul of America’s founding – freedom for all humankind.
[ 37:06] Opposition to NAFTA was the core tenant of the last outbreak of populism in this nation – the presidential campaign of Ross Perot. Perot caved in to some sort of threats – most likely – and wasn’t nearly as effective as Trump has been. But face it, Perot was just the first person to give it a try. Perhaps Trump has learned a lot from him.
[37:23] – Oh Mr. Trump, you are making me cry. Go get ‘em, buddy, and we will back you to the end. This is certainly America’s last best hope to preserve that dream of freedom for the common man. And that is what has made America great in the past.