Scholes Sees Stagflation Coming, Suggests Safety to Be Found in Assets Like Gold and Silver

from Jesse’s Café Américain

A banquet of consequence is coming, but I am afraid that justice is taking a more circuitous route, thanks in large part to the credibility trap. And the masters of the feast never seem to be around to pick up the check for their revels.

Myron Scholes, of the Black-Scholes Risk Pricing Model, said in an interview from the Milken Conference this morning that stagflation is the most likely outcome for the economy.

Stagflation! And what did Myron suggest that people invest in to protect themselves? Gold and silver, among other hard assets. He thinks that stocks are due for a decline.

Stagflation is coming, so buy gold and silver to protect at least some of your wealth. Where have we heard that forecast before?

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