Scared Half to Death

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Last night marked a sad day in the history of America’s dying culture. After 156 episodes, “The Good Wife” ended its reign as the nation’s top prime-time drama. For seven years, the show was must-see Sunday night television, in a medium where writing, producing, and performing – like music – has been unceremoniously “phased out” by dumbed down, get rich quick commercialism. For me particularly, “The Good Wife” – and the “Big Bang Theory,” which likely has just one season left itself – have been the only shows, other than ESPN’s “Sports Reporters,” that I regularly watch. And now that the Good Wife is gone, with the Big Bang Theory right behind it, the odds of my retaining our cable contract when it expires later this year are close to zero. Good riddance to what is becoming a blight on society – featuring reality shows, one-time specials, and anything else that can generate a quick buck; and farewell to one of America’s great, industry-leading arts.

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