Sasquatch’s Footsteps

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s Tuesday morning – and I again ask the question, amidst the raging global Precious Metals bull market that Wall Street, and most Western investors, fail to acknowledge. Which is, “hey Cartel, is that the best you’ve got?” This, after yesterday’s most blatant – and embarrassingly desperate – Cartel raid yet. This time, following a weekend in which headlines were dominated by the explosive “BrExit” and “GrExit” situations; and a morning featuring first, a horrifying Empire State Manufacturing Index plunge; and then, “unexpected” Housing Market Index weakness.

When, at the historic “key attack time #1” of 10:00 AM EST – when the global physical market closes; with no market materially budging (whilst the PPT executed its usual “dead ringer” support of the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average”; as Zero Hedge put it, “someone” dumped (i.e, naked shorted) $2.3 billion of “paper gold.” Gold, which had again surged toward the Cartel’s current “line in the sand” of $1,300/oz, was slammed down to the low $1,270s; whilst silver, which had surged toward its own “line in the sand” at $17.50/oz, was smashed to the low $17s, in a matter of minutes.

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