Rule on Silver, Water; AC, NJ Headed to Bankruptcy

from Boom Bust

lass=”” >In emerging markets, first the Turkish PM resigns and markets have had a volatile reaction with the Turkish Lira dropping on the news. Then, Brazil’s service sector is in freefall with the latest PMI showing numbers well into recession territory as layoffs mount. Ameera David weighs in. Then, Bianca Facchinei takes a look at a conservative think tank’s analysis which indicates that Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s deportation plan would shave 2% off US GDP. Afterwards, with S&P downgrading Atlantic City’s credit rating, Cate Long, Partner at Puerto Rico Clearing House, analyses what’s in store for the city.

After the break, Ameera sits down with natural resources expert and Sprott US Holdings CEO Rick Rule to talk about precious metals and natural resource investing. And in The Big Deal, Ameera and Edward Harrison discuss the rise of the Alternative fuer Deutschland, a party founded just three years ago but polling above all other third parties at this time..

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