Precious Metals and Bitcoin – Twin Destroyers of the Fiat Regime

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Over the past four years, the Cartel has cast a pall over nearly every holiday “trading” session – by using ultra-thin trading conditions to push paper gold and silver prices lower, whilst 99% of Americans rest and relax. However, this weekend’s shenanigans took the cake – as at one point on Sunday night, I was steeling myself for a special “Memorial Day Massacre” Audioblog.

I mean, this weekend’s only news was the huge Yuan devaluation on Sunday night – of nearly 0.5%, to its lowest level in more than five years. And yet, not only was the usual “Sunday Night Sentiment” raid executed – the 145th of the past 151 weekends – but prices were actually attacked Monday morning and afternoon, despite the COMEX being closed! I mean, how on Earth is this possible?

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