P&G Depicts the Economy has Reached Its Peak

by Thad Beversdorf
First Rebuttal

If one steps back and simply looks at the accuracy of the world’s prominent PhD economists and market pros’ predictions over the past 7 years one can’t help but shake one’s head. And I believe investors have become wise to their ignorance. We’ve seen a record 15 consecutive weeks of net selling of equities despite these expert pundits continuing on in their attempt to deceive investors into believing we are just one or two quarters away from that (now) proverbial recovery.

For several years now I’ve been explaining exactly where these post 2008 crisis policies are inevitably taking us. In 2014 in my first Zerohedge piece I explained why interest rates cannot rise. I also explained that negative interest rates are a certainty. People called me all kinds of wonderful names in an attempt to convince me the Fed was about to ‘normalize’ monetary policy and interest rates would soon be back to historical averages.

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