Overtime Regulations Disproportionately Harm Young People and Startups

by Zachary Slayback

[…] I am a young founding employee at a startup that helps other young people get started in their careers. I see every day the steps that must be taken for young people and young companies to succeed in a constantly changing economy. I experience firsthand and vicariously through the hundreds of customers and vendors I’ve worked with the sacrifices these young people and young companies make in order to set themselves up for success. While I understand the intention of overtime regulation, I urge you to reconsider placing this burden on workers as it will disproportionately harm the young employees and employers alike.

Both startups and young people are the lifeblood of an innovative, progressive economy and the movers of serious social and technological change in this country. Startups are primarily composed of 24–29 year-old adults, young by any traditional measure.

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