Obama’s Great, Revisionist Lie

by Jeff Nielson
Bullion Bulls Canada

To paraphrase an old expression, “there are lies, damned lies, and Obama lies.” In 2008; Barack Obama promised Americans (and the world) “change”, meaning a change of direction from the eight year reign-of-error of George Bush Jr. What Americans and the world got was more of the same, in every way.

Obama promised to “get tough on Wall Street.” Instead, his corrupt regime has proclaimed that it will never prosecute a Big Bank, ever again. Obama promised to repeal “the Bush tax-cuts”, which were at the time the largest single windfall for the wealthy in history. Instead, he has entrenched this never-tax-the-Rich philosophy.

The net effect of eight more years of allowing the Big Bank crime syndicate to run wild, and eight more years of allowing the very-rich a taxation “free ride”? Globally, the Top-1% now possess more wealth than everyone else on the planet, combined. In the U.S., the Top 0.1%, by themselves, hoard as much wealth as the bottom-90% of the population.

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