Madame Frexit, Hillary Clinton, and “The imprisonment of Europe”

by Jeff Nielson
Bullion Bulls Canada

It is hard not to become a fan of France’s “radical” Front-National leader, Marine Le Pen. On this side of the Atlantic, her name first surfaced during the Greek crisis, when “Grexit” (i.e. talk of Greece leaving the EU) was being frequently bandied about. Le Pen’s response? “Moi aussi.” (Me too.) She dubbed herself “Madame Frexit.”

Equally, she earned the eternal hatred of the One Bank, since the Big Bank crime syndicate uses the EU as a political/monetary straitjacket, by which it bludgeons Europe’s once-sovereign nations into serving this crime syndicate.

Despite this, Front-National continues to lead France’s polling, making Le Pen the current favorite as France’s next president. As a result, we can likely expect that “something will happen” to Ms. Le Pen, between now and France’s next election.

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