Libertarians Without Gold

from New York Sun

Two really excellent pieces have gone up on the Web this afternoon in respect of the Libertarian ticket of Governor Gary Johnson for president and Governor Wm. Weld for vice president. The first one, by Ira Stoll, focuses on the Libertarian default in respect of foreign policy; the Wall Street Journal touches on that, too, and both stress the choice the Johnson-Weld ticket represents in the face of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (or Bernard Sanders). We share both the Journal’s and Mr. Stoll’s concerns.

What we’d been hoping for from the Libertarians, for our part, is a focus on monetary reform. This was a central plank of the one-time Libertarian candidate, Ron Paul, now retired. As a Republican, he brought his campaign for honest money to a head in the 2012 primaries, when, for a few moments, he was running neck and neck in the polls with the sitting president, Barack Obama. We don’t mind saying we’re disappointed in the failure of Messrs. Johnson and Weld on this head.

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