John Rubino: Does The Federal Reserve Know What They Are Doing?

from WallStForMainSt

lass=”” >Wall St for Main St welcomed back John Rubino, who is the editor of The Dollar Collapse and co-author of The Money Bubble. In this podcast, we discussed the feds next move as the economy continues to struggle. Does the feds know what they are doing or are they clueless?

Also, we discussed the best way to invest in the gold and silver market and how technology has been easier for people to move money outside the banking system.

Finally, we touched on Obama’s recent press conference on the state of the economic. He is pushing to raise minimum wage in effort to stimulate the economy. This is called the Keynesian multiplier effect and guess what… doesn’t work! Otherwise, the government stimulus programs should have dug us out of this recession. Plus much more!

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