It’s the “Commercials” That Should Be Scared!

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s Tuesday morning, and I’m sure everyone wants to hear about yesterday’s blitzkrieg, borderline “named storm” Cartel raid. Let’s call it the “post NFP lunacy” attack; although frankly, given the dozen or so “massively PM-bullish, everything-else-bearish” headlines” of the weekend – from plunging Chinese trade data; to Greek unrest; and Donald Trump essentially hinting of his intention to default on Treasuries, I could have named it plenty of other equally appropriate names. The fact is, that never before have Precious Metals been so undervalued, scarce, or logical – and conversely, never before have “the powers that be” been so thoroughly trapped by their failed policies. Consequently, the methods they utilize to “kick the can” – despite having mere inches left of ground; are more draconian – and blatant than ever – with far direr ramifications. Particularly in the physical arena, where each illogical, illegal paper raid lower causes the already suffocating supply/demand noose to tighten further around their necks.

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