Is Elizabeth Warren a Luddite (or Does She Simply Belong in France)?

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock
Mish Talk

Elizabeth Warren is on the attack.

She is furious with Uber and Lyft, two companies that not only provide fast, cheap transportation for the masses, but also provide an opportunity for millions to shed their cars, reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gasses.

Even though these companies tend to provide second part-time jobs, she expects Uber and Lyft to pay employee health care benefits.

It’s not fair to the taxis, whines Warren who never bothered to realize the massive benefit to millions of poor inner city residents who cannot afford a car.

Is Warren a clueless Luddite or does she simply belong in France longing for the French-style protections (with more than double the US unemployment rate as a “benefit”)?

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