Immunity from Risks to Your Food | Joel Salatin

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lass=”” >In this expansive call to optimism, our activist farmer Joel Salatin, co-founder of Polyface Farms and widely recognized speaker, author and permaculture expert, proposes integrity farming as a model of principles for a floundering culture which imposes increasing risks to our families. Starting with the principle of healing soil and immune systems, Salatin takes us systematically through humility from small-scale gardens, family businesses, and cultural antidotes derived from a fundamentally different farm and foodscape paradigm. With our national hand-wringing reaching a fever pitch, the antidote is practical and elegantly simple.


1) One? antidote for riding out a collapse is a healthy community a) Know your farmer b) Fill your larder c) Grow your own & preserve it d) Share it with your neighbors
2) Immunity from debt & bankers: Raising food without debt on a Low-capital approach
3) Mobile, Modular, Scalable – gardening even without land ownership a) Small-scale migration via easily moveable farm flocks and herds
4) Vibrant living & Immunity from unhealthy food, food borne pathogens & Polluted environment
5) Independence from foreign oil, striking truckers/trains/shipping
6) Healthy food can actually cost less – if you consider the true all-7) Our government incentivizes annual production and soil destruction – the antidote is perennials & permaculture
8) Use our abundant solar resource: Smart & good steward ways to convert free sunlight into rapidly growing crops
9) Animals are an essential part of the answer: The deepest soils on Earth developed not under forests, but under prairies populated by massive herds of herbivores. a) 500 years ago, there were more pounds of animals in the US than modern agriculture can produce today b) The sheer abundant capacity of the Earth can far exceed what we produce today, by many times, without petroleum or chemicals or GMO – if we would humbly caress the land instead of raping it.
10) We have divorced our selves and segregated our food systems from normality in our arrogance.
11) What you can to gain food independence: a) Food compost barrel, stackable patio gardens, solariums and greenhouses, b) Participating in the whole-food process c) Chickens are good role models for teen agers! (Listen to find out how!)

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