I Don’t Appreciate the Military

by Laurence M. Vance

In addition to this being Memorial Day, the month of May is Military Appreciation Month. This follows Month of the Military Child in April. Upcoming in November is Month of the Military Family. I suppose that soon enough every month will be designed something related to the military.

I didn’t celebrate Military Appreciation Month. I didn’t read President Obama’s proclamation. I didn’t thank any soldiers for their service. I didn’t knowingly shake the hand of anyone in the military. I didn’t visit anyone in a VA hospital. I didn’t visit a war monument or memorial. I didn’t visit a military cemetery. I didn’t fly the American flag outside of my house. I didn’t attend a church service where members of the military were recognized. I didn’t attend any “tribute to the troops” celebrations. I didn’t attend a USO comedy show like President Obama did. In fact, I not only didn’t recognize Military Appreciate Month, I don’t appreciate the military.

I don’t appreciate the military making widows and orphans.

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