Home Integration – Your Way

by Karl Denninger

I am pleased to announce that the Freeware version of HomeDaemon-MCP is now available for public download.

What is HomeDaemon? It’s a piece of software that runs on a commodity (and very inexpensive) computer, the Raspberry Pi2 under FreeBSD. It is capable of secure web service, master/slave setups (e.g. your pool is run by a second unit that communicates in real time with the primary, a third runs your sprinklers, etc), direct digital output and analog inputs along with both Zwave and X10 protocols for easy home automation. It supports encrypted transport for Zwave (for devices that can handle it), is fully event-driven and unlike all the other existing products that want to force you into a “cloud” paradigm that the company owns it is self-contained yet accessible via SSL from anywhere over any web-capable device, such as your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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