Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Pre-Options Expiration Posturing on the Comex

from Jesse’s Café Américain

Let’s see, oh yes, tomorrow is the option expiration for the active June gold contract on the Comex. And the last two days gold has been pounded lower in Comex trading. How unusual.

The pundits will point to the ‘stronger dollar’, and so I have included that chart here so one can see its very modest increase.

I could also look at the distribution of puts and calls for June, but why bother? And I have been very busy today, doing ordinary things of much more consequence.

Most of what is being done by the neo-con leadership of the US these days in their attempts to rule the world, both financially and militarily, is less than an illusion but only a little more than dust. In other words, a vanity. Old as Babylon and evil as hell.

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