Global Elite Making Preparations for Post-Dollar World – Rob Kirby with Greg Hunter

Rob Kirby – Dollar Going to be Kicked Off its Perch

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says his rich clients around the planet are bracing for an inevitable economic calamity. Kirby explains, “The people I know, that I would say are at the higher level of the food chain in the global world of finance, are hunkered down and making very serious preparations. What I see on a macro level is people acting like squirrels preparing for winter. They are burying nuts and gathering as much physical precious metals as they can. They are making preparations for a post-dollar world in terms of world reserve currency.”

On news that there are more than 540 paper claims for every ounce of Gold at COMEX, Kirby contends, “There are 540 claims for every ounce of gold at the COMEX vault. My question to you is what happens if that gold is in fact leased metal? Then, the 540 becomes 1,080, and what if it has been leased two times? Then, it becomes 2,160. So, the number of claims for every ounce of gold may be many factors higher than even 540.”

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