Fake-Rally is Over, What’s Next?

by Jeff Nielson
Bullion Bulls Canada

As explained in another, just-released commentary, Hostage Markets are back for precious metals. This is the term originally coined in 2014, to refer to the absolute choke-hold which the Big Bank crime syndicate has exerted over precious metals, going all the way back to spring of 2011.

At the beginning of this year, this Crime Syndicate chose to stage a fake rally in precious metals markets. The reason for this fake-rally has also already been explained.

1) The Next Crash is imminent.

2) In order to ensure precious metals don’t stand out as a safe haven during the next manufactured crash, the bankers need to crash these markets too.

3) It would be difficult (if not impossible) to create a “crash” in gold and silver, from the already rock-bottom prices which existed at the end of 2015.

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