Donald, Hillary and Bernie Are Lying to Us About Those Lost Manufacturing Jobs

Most, if not all, of those manufacturing jobs are gone because of better technology, not Mexico

by Michael J. Hicks
Market Watch

As the primary season progresses, all the remaining candidates continue to peddle some version of a promise to “bring back jobs and manufacturing to America.” Voters clinging to this hope need to steel themselves for a letdown. Here’s why.

No matter how you measure it, 2015 was a record year for manufacturing production in the U.S. Even with the last few rocky few months, we are still at record production. There’s no ambiguity on this. I think inflation-adjusted dollars are the best measure, but any available metric — nominal or real GDP, industrial production indexes, quality indexes — reveals the same trend. U.S. manufacturing production is booming; we’re just doing it with far fewer workers.

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