Customer Service, Government Style: Huge Wait Times for TSA “Security”

by Ryan McMaken

Whenever it comes to funding the government’s own perks and amenities, no expense is to be spared. Both civilian and military government employees are paid more than their private-sector counterparts with equal levels of job skills and education. High ranking government officials travel in luxury and receive generous pensions. Government employees are rarely laid off or fired.

Government agencies claim this is all part of their efforts to attract the finest people and provide the best “customer service” to the general public.

But we all know how that really works out. When you have a government-imposed monopoly, there’s no need to provide decent service at all. After all, people have no other options. So why bother? Without any competition — and a legal ban on any entry of new firms that might offer competition — the imperative to offer quality service ceases to exist.

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