Crisis-Ridden Eurozone Matters Less and Less to UK

Riot police officers clash with protestors during a demonstration held as part of nationwide labor actions in Paris, France

by Allister Heath

If you want to know why the eurozone will eventually end in tears, look no further than the other side of the Channel. The scenes in France are disgraceful, with petrol stations closing, and militant, far-Left unions wreaking misery and havoc. As ever, the poor, the elderly and the sick are being hit the hardest.

The reason for this latest bout of nonsense? In a country plagued with crippling unemployment, especially youth joblessness, the unions object to minor liberalisation of the labour market.

In a welcome move, the government wants to dilute the 35-hour week, allowing variation; it will become easier for companies to cut pay; layoffs will be a little less difficult; and firms will be able to handle holidays and other absences more flexibly. It’s sensible stuff that will make hiring someone less risky, reduce unemployment and boost entrepreneurship.

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