Corruption and Cronies: A Popular Revolt Worldwide and a Tectonic Shift in the Making

by Monty Guild with Tony Danaher
Financial Sense

Around the world, a change that has been slowly gathering momentum seems to be accelerating: everywhere we look, we see the public revelation of political and economic corruption.

Corruption… A Norm Throughout History

The abuse of political power for personal gain has been an ugly but consistent aspect of every human society and civilization. There have been rare rulers and regimes under whom corruption was suppressed, punished, and minimized… but much more often, corruption has been the norm, and ordinary people have tolerated it. In easy times, they tolerated it because enough trickled down to them that they could excuse “criminals”, who at least could “get things done.” In harder times, they tolerated it out of necessity, because those criminals wielded the power of the sword.

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