Communism, the Ultimate End Game

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Sadly, it couldn’t be more obvious where things are going, both in the short- and intermediate-term. As I sit here early Monday morning, reading reports of a recessionary cliff-dive of Japanese PMI, exports, and imports – whilst, LOL, the Yen ominously surges; as well, reports of plummeting Chinese credit creation; and the lowest European PMI reading in 16 months; I can’t help considering how close we are to a total loss of the “powers that be’s” control over financial markets.

Also in the news, Greece’s traitorous Parliament – incredibly – voting for dramatically higher, across-the-board taxes on its predominately anti-austerity citizenry, to “unlock” €10 billion of “bailout” funds to pay off the Troika next month, amidst an unpayable repayment scheme scheduled for (at least) 43 years. Throw in a report that a British “Lord” insists Britons should simply work into their 70s if they can’t afford retirement, and you can see how far down the road to serfdom the world has come. Not to mention, the increasing level of disenfranchisement with the fraudulent monetary system that caused this economic monstrosity – as evidenced by record worldwide Precious Metals demand; and heck, the birth of Bitcoin.

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