Brexit Will Make Us Richer. That’s Why Leave Could Still Win

by Allister Heath

It is far from over for the Leave side. The received wisdom in Westminster is that the outers are all but finished, and that the only question now is how badly they will be thrashed. That’s nonsense. With four weeks left, and the Government now banned from deluging us with its taxpayer-financed propaganda under the purdah rules, anything remains possible.

But the Leave campaign faces an increasingly difficult dilemma: as a broad Left-Right independence coalition, whose members disagree on just about everything other than the need for self-governance, it is finding it tricky to articulate a strong macroeconomic case for Brexit.

This is becoming a major issue, especially for more prosperous, middle-class, centrist and Tory-leaning voters in London and across the country who are craving reassurance that it’s safe to vote for Brexit.

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