Bank of Japan: The Limits of Monetary Tinkering

by Pater Tenebrarum
Acting Man

Damned If You Do…

After waking up on Thursday, we quickly glanced at the overnight market action in Asia and noticed that the Nikkei had tanked rather noticeably. Our first thought upon seeing this was “must be the yen” – and so it was:

[…] Given the BoJ’s bizarre plan to push consumer price inflation to a 2% annualized rate within [enter movable goal post here] years, Mr. Kuroda cannot be overly happy about that. In fact, lately it seemingly doesn’t matter what he decides to do or not to do – the yen is going up anyway.

Last Thursday he reportedly “disappointed” markets by not expanding the BoJ’s madcap asset purchase program even further. We are not quite sure what people believe could possibly be achieved by making the parabola shown below even more parabolic.

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