Bail Out Yourself!

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s Thursday morning, and this will be my last article before the long holiday weekend. That said, there’ll be plenty to “study” over the next four days, care of this link to the entire, nearly three-hour proceedings of last week’s Houston “Q&A Rap Session” with myself and Miles Franklin’s President and Co-Founder, Andy Schectman – hosted by one of the true “good, smart people” in this business, Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends. In it, essentially every topic you can imagine is covered – all of it, with no strings attached. As was the case at previous sessions in Denver, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Ft. Lauderdale; and will be so at our Chicago session on June 24th (email me at if you’d like to attend).

As for today’s situation, never before has such a perfect storm of “PM-bullish, everything-else-bearish” news flow prevailed – amidst, care of historic market manipulation, record-high financial “asset” valuations, and record low valuations of real money. I mean, how much more blatant can it be that since last year’s “Eastern Point of No Return,” the Chinese government has been utilizing the “hail mary” algorithm to protect its markets?

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