If A = B and B = C, does A = C?

by Bob Moriarty
The Gold Report

No need to listen to the “experts” to understand the ins and outs of commodities markets, according to Bob Moriarty of 321Gold. If investors use common sense and basic tools available online, they too can be successful.

A century ago when I was in high school, one of my teachers wanted to teach us the basics of logic. The teacher began with the simple equation of if A = B and B = C, does A = C? Of course, the majority of the class picked the most obvious answer.

But what happens when the apparent answer is not the correct answer? What if the obvious is dead wrong?

Here is the proof. If an airplane is transportation and a train is transportation, is an airplane the same as a train? Now the correct answer is both apparent and obvious. No. A train and an airplane are both transportation but they are not the same.

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