2nd Longest Bull Market of All-Time and an Epic Global Bond Bubble, but What About Commodities?

from King World News

With the price of gold and silver surging, today one of the greats in the business discussed everything from commodities to housing, stocks, Europe and blocked mergers.

Peter Boockvar: “Investors Intelligence said Bulls fell 1 pt to 39.2, the lowest since early March and most of that 1 pt went to the Correction side which rose to 39.2, the highest in 7 months from 38.1. Bears were basically unchanged at 21.6 vs 21.7 last week and the bull/bear spread of 17.6 still remains wide. Therefore the belief is that any pullback from here is to bought. Bears again have been beaten up even though it was May 2015 the last time the market made a new high.

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