World War III & Death of Petrodollar Progresses – X22 Report Interview with Dave

from CrushTheStreet

This Energy Stock is a Lottery Ticket for Technological Revolution:


01:50 Brussels Terrorist Attack, Link to Syria Conflict
07:00 Europe Being Pushed to Fight ISIS
09:00 New Terror Event Likely for Southern Turkey
10:00 Scapegoating Iran, Nuclear Peace Deal
13:30 Petrodollar Death
15:50 US Citizens Tired of Media Manipulation & Politicians, Waking Up
18:30 If Trump is Elected…Likely Taken Out by Cabal
21:10 Stock Market Predictions
25:00 Unemployment Statistics Massively Manipulated
29:10 Obamacare Scam to Benefit Health Insurance Companies
36:35 Predictions for Next Few Years; A False Flag in US Likely, WW3

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