World Markets Can Crash in 24 Hours when Derivatives Implode – Bill Holter Interview

from VictoryIndependence

The Best Opportunity to Profit from Coming Rise in Gold & Silver:


01:05 Paper vs Physical Silver/Gold Supply & Demand Explained
01:50 COMEX & LBMA Prices will Become Irrelevant
02:20 Shanghai Pricing Gold in Yuan April 19
04:20 Why we Need Precious Metals: Gold & Silver is God’s Money
04:50 Why isn’t Inflation Taking off After FED’s Money Printing?
08:00 Is Stock Market Ready for a Crash?
10:30 Deutshcebank Could be Next Lehman Brothers
12:30 How the Yen Carry Trade Works
15:00 When Control is Lost, World Markets will Crash in 24 Hours
16:00 Gold & Silver are you Way to Save Wealth During World Currency Crash/Transition
16:40 China has over 20,000 Tons of Gold, Liquidating US Treasuries
20:40 Bill’s Advice for World Changes and Financial Market Volatility
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