Whoopi Goldberg is Trying to Sell Us Bogus Drugs

by Jason Simpkins
Outsider Club

Whoopi Goldberg is throwing her name behind a new line of medical marijuana-based edibles and bath products aimed at women.

Teaming up with Om Edibles founder Maya Elisabeth, The View panelist will roll out a line of woman-centric cannabinoid products. Those products include a bath soak, sipping chocolate, tincture, and rub that will supposedly relieve the pain and discomfort associated with menstruation.

Problem is, there’s absolutely zero science behind that claim.

Studies have indeed proven that cannabis-based drugs can help muscle spasms and chronic pain caused by conditions like neuropathy and cancer. However, the biological mechanisms that cause chronic pain or muscle spasms aren’t the same as the ones that lead to menstrual cramps.

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