Welcome to Dystopia Episode 19 with Bill Murphy: GATA Vindicated BUT Deutsche Bank a Limited Hangout

from WallStForMainSt

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St and independent financial journalist and managing editor of The News Doctors, Eric Dubin, are back for episode #19 of the Welcome to Dystopia podcast.

The special guest on this podcast is Gold Anti-Tust Action Committee (GATA) http://www.gata.org/, President Bill Murphy. Bill has decades of experience trading commodities and also writes a popular newsletter at Le Metropole Cafe.

During this episode, Jason congratulates Bill and GATA for being vindicated with Deutsche Bank (DB) admitting manipulation of gold and silver and now agreeing to turn in evidence and help implicate its other co-conspirators.

Eric and Jason ask Bill many questions about the gold and silver markets.

Bill says US investment banks still haven’t been named yet for their role but hopefully this will change soon. GATA has also not been contacted about testifying about the manipulation occurring.

After the interview with Bill is finished, Jason and Eric discuss why the Japanese Yen has been strengthening against the US Dollar and what that might be signaling?

The Yen carry trade being unwound on a large scale may be signalling that global asset prices are about to have a major correction.

Jason and Eric also talk about the recent emergency Federal Reserve meeting with President Obama at the White House and what may have been discussed?

Next, Jason and Eric talk about the large banks’ exposure to bad oil loans and how it is still massive.

To wrap up the regular part of the show, Jason and Eric discuss how according to a recent Wall Street Journal report greater than 40% of all US student loan debts are in default.

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