The Week in Review: April 9, 2016

by Mises Institute

“Our greatest enemy today, in short, is the economic illiteracy and confusion on the part of those who insist on “planning,” “stabilizing,” and straitjacketing the economy and who have the political power to do it.” So wrote Henry Hazlitt in 1946, words that sadly retain their relevancy today. The consequences of this pervasive fallacy takes many forms. Ryan McMaken this week highlighted how soaring university tuition is fueled largely by a government fueled boom in student loans, while Paul-Martin Foss highlighted the alarming signals coming from international shipping. Around the world, people are coming to realize what Austrians have long warned, that the increasingly absurd policies of central banks offer no hope for true, sustainable economic growth. Sadly there is a firmer grasp of economics to be found in a Harry Potter novel, than the halls of the Federal Reserve.

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