A Week of Manipulative Failures

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Yes, it’s 4:30 AM on Saturday morning. I’ve just returned from a thoroughly relaxing vacation in Mexico – my first in years – and my “to do” list is so long, I’m back on my 4½ hours per night sleep schedule. Then again, when you love doing your job as much as I, and receive so much positive feedback from it, the thrill of communicating can be a powerful motivator. Which is probably why, vacation and all, I found a way to put out an article each day this week but one.

Then again, the week was chock full of major, “PM bullish and everything else bearish” news; and as the title of today’s article suggests, major “manipulative failures,” en route to the rapidly approaching end game of worldwide currency collapse. Let alone, news that yet another of Miles Franklin’s major competitors, whose growing list of client complaints should have served warning of the dangers of dealing with cut-rate bullion dealers – the Northwest Territorial Mint – filed for bankruptcy over the weekend, with hundreds of clients’ funds in their possession.

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