Venezuela is Feeling the Bern – Murder Capital of the World & Hyperinflation

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

Last year I traveled with Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change (the top independent journalist in the world in my opinion) to the G7 in Munich. I wanted to see for myself what happened at these places. As I reported, it was one big party where they were pouring thousand dollar bottles of champagne like water for the mainstream media.

We told them the real story was just an hour south in Austria at the Bilderberg meeting. No one had heard of it.

When we showed up the day before Bilderberg, and somehow managed to infiltrate the hotel, we found there was no one there but the White House Press Corp. We were astonished! Was the White House Press Corp. going to be covering the Bilderberg meeting?… Nope, they’d never heard of it.

We told them what it was and one mainstream bigwig told us, off the record after a copious amount of drinks, “You guys are real journalists… we just get a a paycheck and do what we are told.”

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