Is Uranium the New Gold? | Kitco News

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Energy metals are garnering much investor attention and one analyst familiar to the space remains optimistic. Commenting on uranium prices, which have yet to move higher, Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners said he still sees a case for the metal. ‘In the wake of recent climate agreements, countries loosely agree to decarbonize their energy source and uranium is going to have to play a significant role in that mix,’ he told Kitco News. ‘In the next 18-24 months, you can see uranium prices 30% higher from where they are today.’ Berry is also optimistic on lithium, although he advises investors to remain cautious over the shorter term. ‘The price has absolutely gone parabolic and from my experience in energy metals, any time you see prices go parabolic, it usually ends in tears,’ he says. ‘So you want to be careful…it’s a good long-term story but it’s been on a huge run over the few months.’ Berry also shared his thoughts on gold prices, which he sees moving to $1,300 an ounce. 

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