The Two Best Calls Ever on a Gold Bottom

Bob Moriarty of 321Gold calls out the work of two men who got it right on gold and silver.

by Bob Moriarty
The Gold Report

We do our very best to present all possible reasonable alternatives in the resource space. I don’t have to agree with someone to post a piece by them. No one gets it 100%, and I’m wrong on a regular basis like most people.

This piece may be the most valuable piece we have ever written so you need to read it all the way to the finish.

2016 is proving to be the opportunity of a lifetime to invest in all commodities. While the manipulation and flat earth crowd doesn’t ever mention it, platinum went down more than gold and no one is screeching about how platinum is suppressed. All commodities went down including gold and silver. Most commodities went down more than silver and gold but that is never mentioned.

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