The Philosophy of Tops

by Jeffrey D Saut
Financial Sense

[..] For decades, I have used the aforementioned prose from iconic market guru Justin Mamis in my market commentary. For those of you who have seen the quote before, I urge you to read it again. For those seeing it for the first time, I suggest you read it a few times because the wisdom of his words is as true today as it was when it was written some 30 years ago. Most of the time when I drudge up “The Philosophy of Tops” it is to warn of a pending market “top.” The operative line from Justin’s quip is, “One rule about tops is not that they provide this or that signal, but that they come before anyone is ready.” Manifestly, “[tops] come before anyone is ready!” But, currently EVERYONE is ready, either calling for a market “top,” or a continuation of the trading range market. I see very few of us who are suggesting that we remain in a secular bull market, and in bull markets, most of the surprises come on the upside.

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