Ted Cruz and John Kasich Criminal Conspiracy?

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

Ted Cruz and John Kasich have actually conspired to commit a federal crime by denying the American people the right to vote. They announced that they will each step aside in one or more states to try to block Trump from achieving the nomination. Kasich is trying to defeat the democratic process because the establishment hates Cruz intensely and Trump to a lesser degree. Cruz and Kasich are now conspiring to steal delegates after a first ballot; nullifying the entire right to vote in the primaries, which is a federal crime. They are effectively saying that the Democratic process is unfair because the people are electing someone who the establishment does not approve of, or in other words — not them. Neither one of these politicians has a legitimate delegate base to seek the nomination. Their solution is to nullify the people’s choice and cheat them at the convention, committing voter fraud.

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