Still Report #819 – Colorado County GOP Chair – Might Need an Election Do Over

from Bill Still

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The Chairperson of the Boulder County GOP says that grave errors were made that affected the Colorado Republican caucus that allowed Ted Cruz to win a clean sweep of all of Colorado’s 34 delegates to the Republican national convention.
Peg Cage, sent other top Republican officials in Colorado an email wherein she says that the combination of errors has led to “the perception of fraud,” and that the only way to correct it would be for the caucus to be done over.
Cage also revealed to Breitbart News – which has frequently this year been charged of pro-Ted Cruz bias – that Colorado’s State GOP Chairman, Steve House, is currently pushing a bill for Colorado to change over to a primary system to open up the system and build back integrity. According to Cage:
“The Trump supporters think that the Cruz supporters stole the election.”
Cage says that the Cruz supporters are now worried that since the Trump campaign has not challenged the results in the state, they plan on trying to have the entire Colorado delegation not seated at the convention, and the Cruz supporters are concerned that it might work.
“… if there’s any question that our delegates won’t be seated, then that would be a case where it might make sense to have a do-over,” Cage said.
Cage, who admits to being a Cruz supporter, says that Trump supporters were especially outraged when the person responsible for counting votes, Secretary of State Wayne Williams, showed up at the caucus in an orange Ted Cruz shirt and was photographed with Cruz election lawyer David Sawyer in a Facebook photo.
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Cage, addressing State GOP Chairman Steve House, wrote:
“Steve …. You ran on election integrity … but that hasn’t happened yet. We must take the blame and make it stop here. Or lose.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good Day.