Still Report #817 – More Party Switching in Pennsylvania

from Bill Still

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The number of those abandoning the Democrat party is still climbing in Pennsylvania. In fact that number is getting so big that it’s now making news a half-dozen states away in Minnesota.
According to the Duluth News Tribune, since the start of 2016, 61,500 Democrats have switched their party affiliation over to Republican, primarily to vote for Donald Trump. The main reason – loss of jobs.
I first did this story 6 weeks ago in SR 704, when the number was only 46,000 had switched. But an even more astounding number is that since the last election in November, the overall jump in Republican registrations has been 145,000. And if the polls are any indication, the vast majority of those are coming over the vote for Donald Trump.
The result? Having Donald Trump in the race puts Pennsylvania in play for Republicans for the first time since 1998 – 28 years ago!
But that’s not all. With Trump as a candidate, the entire northeastern U.S. may be in play for Republicans as well. Just look at tomorrow’s primary rundown.
In Pennsylvania: Trump 51, Cruz 25, Kasich 22
Connecticut: Trump 59, Cruz 13, Kasich 25
Delaware: Trump 55, Cruz 15, Kasich 18
Maryland: Trump 55, Cruz 19, Kasich 21
Rhode Island: Trump 61, Cruz 13, Kasich 23
Remember when just 4 weeks ago, we were still hearing from the most popular political pundits that Trump had a 40% ceiling. That’s not even his floor today.
And yet, there are still people in the Republican party who are trying to argue that Trump can be stopped!
Rediculous! Just because we haven’t had a close race in a few cycles, has everyone forgotten the term “bandwagon” effect? It happens every time. It is absolutely, positively going to happen this time – in fact, it’s already happening. Political folks are making their judgments on who is going to win and getting on the right side now lest they be locked out of the winner’s perks for at least 4 and probably 8 long years.
I guarantee that if Trump rolls into Cleveland with 1100 committed delegates – twice as many as Cruz – that’s not a maybe contested convention – that’s a lock – for Trump! The Trump bandwagon will roll up 100% of the truly uncommitted Republican delegates on the convention floor. My first-ballot Trump vote prediction – 1407.
Then, in the general, am I worried about Hillary Clinton? Give me a break! The most damaged politician – outside of Hussein Obama – or whatever his name is – would be Clinton. Even 16-year-old kids in Nigeria can see this clearly – America, please vote Trump.
They have seen the murderous effects of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy. Their countrymen, women and children have paid for it with unprecedented bloodletting unequaled since World War 2.
And that’s before you start factoring in that she may well be under indictment for 2,000 counts of treason.
I declare this election to be over – right now – today! Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States and during his first term 60% of us will be saying, yes, he has made America great again.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good Day.