Still Report #809 – Trump Widens Lead in California

from Bill Still

A new poll done by a non-profit, nonpartisan California political newspaper, Capitol Weekly, shows that among a large sample of likely Republican voters, Donald Trump is widening his lead in the upcoming California primary to nearly 20 points.
In the survey, taken April 11-14, Trump got 41%, Cruz, 23, and Kasich 21, with 15% still undecided.
But the most interesting part of this new poll, first published yesterday, was from a separate sample of Republicans registered since Jan. 1. Trump crushed his two opponents 53 to 21 for Cruz and 15 for Kasich, and only 11% undecided.
Another interesting point is that Trump’s strongest districts have high Latino populations, the Inland Empire, Los Angeles County, as well as parts of Northern California with more settled populations.
Trump leads in every district, but his biggest lead is in the state capitol, Sacramento, where he has a 40-point lead over Cruz. But even in Los Angeles County’s non-white population Trump leads Cruz by 13%.
Cruz’s best performance was in the Central Valley, but Trump still lead by a 35 to 28 margin.
California’s primary is just 6 weeks away, on June 7th.
I’m Still reporting on politics. Good Day.