Still Report #801 – IRS Encourages Illegal Alien Tax Fraud

from Bill Still

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Well today is tax day and so, instead of the usual tax-fraud prosecution story typically offered by the MSM to keep them in good with the tax man, I thought I’d offer this heart-warming island of truthfulness.
Last week, in Congressional testimony, the IRS admitted that it encourages illegal aliens to use stolen Social Security numbers to obtain completely fraudulent payments from the federal government.
“IRS Commissioner John Koskinen admitted this in congressional testimony last week,” said Tom Tancredo, a former Congressman from Colorado.
According to Tancredo, The IRS helps illegal aliens gain every possible benefit from the American system and rarely investigates reports of fraud or abuse.
“The IRS knows illegal aliens are using stolen Social Security numbers and is glad they are doing it.”
But when asked if they inform you, the American taxpayer, if your SSN is being used by illegals Koskinen said:
“That’s not our job.”
The unbelievable situation shows the lengths to which the current administration will go to promote illegals flooding across our southern borders.
“Millions of illegal workers are filing tax forms – not to pay their taxes – but to receive tax credits – cash payments – and those cash payments run into the billions annually.”
And if you, as a private citizen, or even your Congressional representative, tries to do something about it, they are criticized as “racist.”
Tancredo explained that Border Patrol agents have frequently discovered dozens of U.S. 1040 forms at pick-up locations along the border where illegals wait for their “coyote” to move them to safe places deep in the U.S. in Phoenix, El Paso, or Houston.
While at the pick-up location they are shown how to fill out the 1040 forms to claim Earned Income Tax Credits for the past 3 years and have the new Government check sent to their next address in their name.
The average payment to them is around $4,000. With that money, they pay their “coyote” the $1,500 smuggling fee and have free American cash to start their new life in the welfare paradise of the Western world – America. But it doesn’t stop there.
Four years ago, an Indiana television station investigated tax fraud in the Child Tax Credit program. They discovered that Illegals can claim up to 9 children at $1,000 per child – no matter where in the world these children live!
The investigators found one example of four illegal alien tax filers, who used the same address, claimed 20 children between them, but only one child lived in the U.S.!
But even worse, even if they claimed 20 children each, the IRS will do nothing about it.
“IRS refusal to act on documented fraud by illegal aliens is legendary,” said Tancredo. “For a decade the agency’s own Inspector General has complained of inaction by agency managers.”
According to the Treasury Department’s Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), millions of illegals consistently file tax forms every year, but never pay a single dollar into the system – they just claim refunds under these various programs to the tune of billions of dollars a year. But the IRS does nothing about it.
Why? According to Tancredo, when Congress tried to demand the IRS investigate illegal alien abuse of the Child Tax Credit programs, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus threatened massive protests against “discriminatory practices” if the IRS pursued the issue.
Tancredo recommends that step #1 to fix this problem of taxpayer-funded philanthropy of illegal aliens is:
“IRS Commissioner Koskinen should be impeached and a new management team put into the agency to conduct a thorough house cleaning.”